Daily Doodle 277

Daily Doodle 277 #wip

Wanting to spend some quality time on a few pieces I’ve started and pump the brakes a little. It’s always go go go with the Daily Doodle and I love that, it’s embedded itself as a ritual, I feel like a creative juggernaut even on a bad day. But ideas come in by the dozen while I lay awake at night and I feel the need to start steering the Daily Doodle  partridge bus in that direction more. That means spending a bit more time, fine tune techniques and become more comfortable with particular mediums that will be used in these grander ideas. So that’s a long way of saying there’ll be more progress posts ie WIP as Daily Doodles, which more excitingly for me means that some serious ideas are soon to be born!😬

#dailydoodle #WIP



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