The Roundhead, part 7 & 8!

Tonight the Roundhead short story comes to a gripping end. If you love a great read then I urge you all to check out the conclusion to it all here:

The Roundhead, Part 8 – Hammers And Claws

Or read from the start here:

The Roundhead, Part 1 – You Are My Sin


Here we have my portrait of the beast itself, the collector of sin. Rancid and vial with soulless eyes and razor sharp rows of teeth.

I had so much fun creating the skin for this beast to exist in, and who knows, maybe he’s not done with me yet….

Thanks to all that have read, shared, liked and commented both here and on other social media, it really does mean a lot. Special thanks of course go to Mr Twisted Roads himself, for giving me the opportunity to sink my teeth into his creations. 😉



2 thoughts on “The Roundhead, part 7 & 8!

  1. You can lurk and whisper in the corners of OUR creations all you like, because when all’s said and done that is all you can do, because just like this post….you are OUR creation!


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