The Roundhead, Part 2!


So last nights portrait was me aka Gareth and tonight we get a good look at the author himself, Matt aka Marty. What can I say, the world of the Roundhead is a violent bloody place!

Find part 2 here:

The Roundhead, Part 2 – The One After The Preludes


He walks into the apartment, catching her eye immediately, she faintly shows signs of a smile as she gets up and makes her way over to him. “Jar, where the hell’ve you been? You were supposed…



4 thoughts on “The Roundhead, Part 2!

    1. Thanks so much. Was a lot of fun exploring this digital painting style, once Halloween has past I think I might set my sights on pop culture characters in this style as well😉

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      1. I think the style suits you down to the ground. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out William Schaff for inspiration. His work is simply bizarre, dark, surreal, warped, etc. I’ll definitely be looking out for your work in the future.


      2. Yes I must say I really enjoy these slightly gaunt, dark and twisted portraits, not sure what that says about me😄. I had a quick peek at some of William Schaffs work, it is really interesting stuff. I think some of my style for these are influenced by Margaret Keanes Big eyes portraits. Thank you for the kind words, I’m deliberately switching and trying new styles, mediums and techniques at the moment, still not sure where my path lies, but it will turn up😄

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